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I am a person who thrives in the space where unapologetically pragmatic meets possibility! Sound like an unusual combination? It is. An Air Force BRAT by birth, I was trained as a process consultant in my starter job. The desire to find logical, streamlined ways of “doing” runs deep. But before I could speak, helping others was at the center of who I am and how I organize myself in this world.

It is this orientation that piqued my desire to understand WHY people do the things they do. It motivated my move through a variety of roles to place growing human capital at the center of what I did professionally. Because who you are at work is often who you are (how you show up) outside of work. Who I have always been is a coach. 

I motivated myself to grow, change, and prosper and I consistently did the same with others from my high school and college track teams, with the people who worked with and for me, and (to the chagrin of a few) with those in my innermost personal circles.

I am a prone-for-action, active listener, and problem solver. I bring enthusiasm, creativity, resourcefulness, pragmatism, and possibility to everything I do!

My mission is to create a wave in the lives of others. I help high achievers remove obstacles to find greater success. I bring my diverse toolkit and experience coaching others—professionals, parents, people just like you—to help you to Be Your Best You.

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