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The Upstate Mind is a sole proprietorship founded in 2020 by Sue DeHaan.  

Sue is a practical and prone-for-action, active listener and problem solver who brings her enthusiasm, creativity, and resourcefulness to everything she does. She is a trained process consultant but soon became known for her ability to bridge the gap between technology-process-and change management to effectively deliver projects on both a small and large scale.

Sue’s deep interest in human behavior and desire to understand why people do what they do, led her to roles where she could motivate employee behavior. One such role involved designing and implementing a Total Rewards strategy for 60,000+ professional services employees.

Driving employee behavior on a large scale was both exciting and rewarding, but Sue wanted to help in a more hands-on, tangible way. She took a long-term consulting role with her first consulting company, External Edge, where she provided one-on-one Executive Coaching and combined it with one-on-one and group Sales Effectiveness training.

Sue’s deep interest in human behavior led her to round out her skill set through the Personal and Professional Coaching Certification program at Concordia University in Montreal where she relished her time learning and engaging in meaningful dialog with an internationally diverse cohort.

Sue now brings her diverse toolkit to individuals and businesses with a passion for helping you to be your best you.

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