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"The family POD exceeded my expectations. Not only did it provide a structured opportunity for the family to talk about important events in our lives, it also provided us with a framework for self-improvement. We now share a common language we can use to help each other turn challenges into gifts."

"Our son now has a toolset for leveraging feelings much earlier in life than I even knew how to describe them. He will benefit from these tips & tricks for the rest of his life."



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"...the program has given me a vocabulary to identify the positive and negative forces that I knew existed in my mind but that I may not have genuinely dealt with. Now I can identify each and call up a Sage power when needed to defeat my Saboteurs. It also offers useful tactics to deal with life. I like the concept that I can build mental strength using the PQ reps I have learned give me the time to actually focus and control my responses. I feel like I have grown as a person..."



"I always liked seeing Gramma in the weekly meetings so I hope we keep doing them after this."

"I will try to notice saboteurs when they come up and do PQ reps if it is needed."



*PQ Reps are mindfulness activities available in the Positive Intelligence app.

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