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  • Multi-week deep dive with others

  • Follows a defined curriculum developed by Positive Intelligence to name, claim, and tame the ways we self sabotage

  • Train our minds to choose more positive ways of showing up in the world

  • Mix of pre-recorded video, daily mindfulness exercises in an app, reading/listening, and weekly group "processing" coaching calls


  • Greater happiness

  • Improved relationships

  • Better outcomes

What would your life look like if you could quiet those negative voices in your head:

  • Greater self confidence?

  • Simplification?

  • Work/Life Balance?

  • What would it be for you?




Still on the fence? Need answers to your questions and see if Mental Fitness Training is a good fit for you. Schedule a free consult to explore.

Life can feel complicated and hard. But it doesn't have to! Devote time to yourself and take action. Together we can work through a process of personal discovery to achieve clarity, conquer change, and develop personal mastery.

I offer fully contained pods perfect for families, book clubs, friend groups, and more.

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