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Kate M.

"I recently had the privilege of individual coaching with Sue. Sue has a very connecting approach to her coaching. She listens with her whole person. You can see her mind thinking of questions and solutions and yet she provides space for self-processing.


Sue is the friend you want coupled with the coach you need. She creates an inviting session full of challenge and support. You will leave a session feeling ready to tackle whatever stands in your way."

Bridget S.

Sue is an insightful, patient and wise coach - opening up new ways of looking at yourself and your choices. She is an encourager - supportive, gentle and tough, in all the right ways. I've grown tremendously under her leadership and coaching skills. My work with her has been transformative!

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Joanne B.

I just finished 8 sessions with Coach Sue. I put my trust in Sue as a fellow coach from her demonstrated expertise, compassion, and leadership. I was able to tackle my objectives because Sue asks the right questions and responds to what is really showing up. Not only did I gain in my own personal growth, Sue generously shares her coaching gems which I am gratefully applying in my practice. From the very first session, she gave me the gift of co-creating a Touchstone, or Anchor which I use whenever I need grounding to soldier on! Ask her about this! Thanks Sue for my coaching experience. Great way to end the year!


Nathalie R.

"I had the opportunity to work with Sue over the past winter to help me with reorienting my career. It was a very constructive process - Sue is great at holding space and providing valuable insight to help uncover, organise and put into words elements that will ensure I can be fulfilled in my next endeavour. Thank you Sue for your positive contribution to my life.”

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Jenna S.

"I have known Sue for many years and was thrilled when I heard she started a coaching business. She is a genuine, caring, and empathetic person who always uplifts her friends and family. Saboteur, Sage, PQ Reps—words I didn't even know before my mental fitness training with Sue—are now such an important part of who I am and what I do every day. Sue did such an incredible job leading our Pod through Shirzad Chamine's Positive Intelligence work. She thoughtfully curated our group to include women with varying life experiences who provided support, advice, and accountability. Sue is an active listener who asks thought-provoking questions and gets you to approach situations in a way that will make you feel mentally powerful. While our work included the PQ app, it was my time with her and our Pod that truly made a lasting impact. My mind is stronger and I am better equipped to handle challenging situations and those that cause my mind to go negative. I also love that she offers continuum services to expand on what you learn during the core program and to take your mental fitness to the next level. Working with Sue is a worthwhile investment in yourself—I got so much more out of it than I thought possible."

G. Griffith

"To be coached by Sue, is a gift that you give to yourself. The coaching sessions were an investment in my personal growth. Sue partnered with me, and together we explored what was holding me back from the quality of life that I desperately wanted but found so difficult to achieve. I learned how to get out of my head and back into the driver's seat of my life. I came to the realization that a perfect plan is no substitute for action. No matter how you look at it, change is going to require some work. Having Sue's support meant the world to me. She was my accountability partner, who genuinely cares about my success and happiness."

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