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Helping individuals, teams, and groups sharpen or develop skills through discussion, interaction, and presentation.

These topics are prepared and ready to be customized to you, your team, or your group:

  • Mental Fitness Overview, based on material created by Positive Intelligence

Mental Fitness Training is about learning how you self sabotage and growing mental muscles in much the same way we grow physical fitness. You can grow your positive, higher-brain mental muscles and shrink your negative, primitive brain mental muscles with training and mindfulness techniques. 

In this two-part overview, you learn how you may be standing in your own way. This hands-on and highly interactive workshop teaches you to recognize how you self sabotage and begin to find alternative responses. By increasing your capacity to respond to life's challenges with a positive, proactive rather than negative, reactive mindset you can achieve: greater peace of mind and overall wellness; attain peak performance; and grow healthy relationships.

When you are mentally fit, you address life’s challenges with calm, clear-headed, laser-focused action based on personal values.

An optional 6-week Mental Fitness Training deep-dive is available to individuals or teams.

  • Networking

Learn how to kick-start or reinvigorate your networking engine! Networking is not just “talking,” it is purposeful creation of long-term, win-win connections. Since most jobs (70%) are found through networking, it is imperative that today's professional have top-rated networking skills. If in job seeking-mode, networking is the most efficient use of your time.

Networking is a skill that can be learned and can be quite fun. In this hands-on, highly interactive workshop you learn tips and tricks on how to conduct successful networking meetings, clarity about how to build your network towards a purposeful goal, and an approach to reignite dormant contacts. 

Don't wait until you need a job to get your networking engine going. The best time to cultivate your network is long before you need to leverage it. Get started networking today!


Additional workshop topic areas include:

  • Team Building

  • Strengths Identification

  • Professional Skills Development

  • Driving Creativity in Team Thinking

  • Learning to be an Advanced Mentor

  • Other

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